Silent nights...

January 6, 2015


This time of year it takes everyone a little while to get back to normality, after all the Christmas shopping, late nights, family events and wrestling in the sales, it feels like you haven’t sat down for three weeks…which wouldn’t be far wrong if your Christmas was anything like mine!


A few friends have said to me how they are struggling to sleep lately and I think it’s mainly because they can’t wind down, whenever I sleep badly it’s because I’m stressed about all the things I know I need to do, or something important coming up.


So when I received a gorgeous body scrub yesterday morning from SniffyWiffy it seemed the perfect opportunity to have a pamper evening and let you all know what I use when I need to wind down. I ran myself a hot bath whilst also prepping for work today and two printers on the go in the background printing off work, when the printing had finished I decided to call it a night, climbed into my bubble bath and literally scrubbed head to toe!


First, as I was dying to try it, I started with my newest product the Sniffy Wiffy Lavender bodyscrub. Now it’s no secret I am a massive Elemis fan and have loved the lime and ginger body scrub ever since I discovered it on my training at Banantynes back in the day! However, the Sniffy Wiffy scrub blew my mind!! Not only is the concept behind the product a great idea (we’ll get to that bit) but the product itself is brilliant, its fine salt grains really exfoliate your skin and any remaining new year tan but still so gentle and the oil base to the product is so moisturizing you can feel it straight away… now some people don’t like the feeling of being oily but it doesn’t last forever and you can always pat yourself down with a down once you’re out the bath, but oils will penetrate you skin deeper than just a lotion or moisturizing wash.



The concept behind Sniffy Wiffy that I mentioned earlier is incredible and I will be working strongly along side them to complete their mission! Sniffy Wiffy is a family run business, the kids and even the mango scented husband are in on the act ;). The scrubs and lotions each come with a label showing you how to self test for breast and testicular cancer…yep gents you can be apart of this too and if you’re still not 100% what you’re doing their site couldn’t be more helpful and it doesn’t stop there… each product bought they donate a percentage to their chosen charities Coppafeel! And Ballboys.


Everything is homemade and fresh to each order, they smell divine and if you don’t want a scent you can go fragrance free! It’s designed best to suit you.

It’s so nice to see a company with such a big goal, so focused on each and every customer! Spread the word and smell a bit wiffy ;)


Products available from


Next up was my face! I exfoliated my face with my sanctuary spa scrub which I have posted about in the past and I’m pleased to say I’m still loving it! I then scrubbed my lips which have really taken the brunt of winter and my cold, using my bubblegum lush lip scrub which I’ve also told you all about it my previous post! Once I was all dried off I applied my Elemis night cream which a lovely friend of mine bought me for Christmas, it smells of lavender, which really works to help you unwind and I woke up with my skin feeling silky smooth ready for my make up this morning!


Lip Scrub – Lush £5.50

Sanctuary Scrub – Boots

Elemis Night Cream – As it was a present I don’t know where it came from, but Debenhams have elemis counters and also sell Elemis and if you’re lucky, TK max always have a good bargain on Elemis.


TIP: When removing exfoliator on your face, use a warm damp flannel instead of face sponges, it's also best to scrub you face after or at the end of your hot bath as the pores will be open and you will remove any impurities!


Happy pampering! 


P x 

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