Oh La La...

December 16, 2014


I was recently sent a bottle of Madame La La tan and it felt like christmas had come early, considering as when I opened the parcel I was probably looking the palest I ever have before in my existence!



How gorgeous is that packaging!! Simple yet lovely!


I was going to do this post earlier but I decided I would really test this product out from application to fading! I am NOT disappointed. The first thing I noticed was the smell! Oh my French fries it smells gorge. Just like Malibu!!


This tan uses a quick dry DD tan perfector (dynamic do-all) infused with hydrating skincare benefits; coco water, aloe, green tea and vitamin E, plus built in skin finishing perfectors which leaves your skin silky smooth and flawless!



It’s a mousse texture so spreads evenly and light; you’re not left with that thick, sticky feeling as I sometimes find from lotions and the colour is so lovely golden and bronzed, not muddy or greenish! The tan itself develops over 3 hours so the instant colour that you see when you apply it is just a guide colour but gives you a tan to show of straight away, so as it develops don’t freak!! This tan also adjusts to your individual skin tone so you won’t ever look unnatural or strange! I found that it was darker on areas like my freckles which I actually really liked as I would obviously have more freckles after being in the sun, again making the tan look natural!


The tan lasts up to 10 days and how long it lasts is down to how good you are at maintaining it, moisturizing and re-applying when needed, will ensure that you keep this natural even glow for as long as you need it. I moisturize all over everyday and I’ve got to say, as a tanning expert I have used a number of tans in the past and this one out of them all as faded the best! I didn’t go patchy or a funny colour,it has literally just got lighter and lighter as the days have passed and because of the coconut water hydrating my skin its such a god send for this wintery season!!


Madame La La Tan is available via their website : www.madamlalauk.com & via www.feelunique.co.uk  it starts from £36.00 and I would say is worth every penny! Get your tan on for this party season!!


Madame LA LA tan featured in Grazia Beauty Charts:


APPLICATION: Always exfoliate before you apply tan, moisturize any dry areas (cuticles, nails, ankles, feet, elbows, etc.). Pump the mousse directly on to the skin and smooth all over, do not shake the bottle. Use sparingly n dry skin areas. Wait 5 minutes for the tan to dry completely before dressing & do not shower for at least 10 hours, (so I would suggest doing this in the morning). Wash hands thoroughly with soap after application you do not want wotsit palms! 


Happy tanning,

P x

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