My LBD challenge with Slendertone...

December 5, 2014

I’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks with shoots, make up jobs and The Bloggers Love Hub! So I’ve been spending a lot of time in London lately…not that I am complaining, especially this time of year! TIP: go to the liberty’s Christmas store on the 4th floor! Oh my goodness, some serious Christmas business is going down in there and there’s a decoration for every single style! But more on Christmas in my later posts ;)


When I attended The Bloggers Love Hub I was lucky enough to meet the guys from Slender Tone & even luckier that they gifted me with a toning belt for my abs! Perfect timing to get ready for my new year dress…what ever it may be! I’m yet to go shopping…potential post!


Soo, I’ve set myself a four week challenge to trial the Slendertone belt and let you know all about it. I am hoping that along with the gym and healthy eating this will help not only encourage me to work out but show some noticeable differences to my body, I’ve heard of Slendertone before and being a fully qualified beauty therapist I trained in body electricals, one being a treatment similar to Slendertone but salon based and a little stronger but more expensive in the long run. I go to the gym, run a lot and watch what I eat but I always feel like my tummy never looks how I want it to, I’m hoping my Slendertone belt will give my abs that extra boost. So far I’ve been using it for 5 days… as the instructions have advised, I started first of all with a 20 minute work out and then increased it to 30 minutes and bit by bit increased the intensity of the current each time.


Although I’ve had a treatment like this a number of times it was a few years ago, so I knew what to expect but still felt a little nervous… but I soon realized I needn’t be! The belt starts with a small buzzing sensation and as you increase the current at your own pace you will start to feel your muscles contract, the belt is great that it has a little remote that sits in the pocket and gives you full control… I would suggest sitting down for the first time you use it, just to get yourself used to the sensation, now I’m used to it I do my squats and housework whilst I have it on!! So handy! I would seriously recommend it for those that suffer with back or neck problems that find it uncomfortable to do sit ups.


Five days gone and I am amazed! I can definitely notice the difference in my abs and I feel more firm across my whole mid area! It done everything I hoped and more and its only been 5 days, I can’t wait to see the results after 4 weeks!!



But you have to be strict, it won’t work stored under your bed!


The nice thing is, that after you feel as though you have had a work out and that is so motivating to keep going and working towards you goal!


The abs belt is on the market at the moment for £99.99 usually £119.99 Add it to your Christmas wish list!!

I’ll keep you posted on how its going every Friday! Have a lovely weekend and thank you for all your kind comments so far!


Thank you Slendertone,


P x 


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