Winter is on its way...

November 20, 2014



Winter is fast approaching and it's not just our bank balance that feels the effects of the Christmas period! Our skin, hair and poor lips feel it too. In this post I’m sharing with you my go to products at the moment.


First of all, lets start with our lips… now you wouldn’t apply your lovely new foundation to dry and irritated skin would you? So why apply your gorgeous new Christmas cranberry shade lipstick to that winter victim pout!



Bubblegum lip scrub – Lush £5.50

Hydro care lip balm stick – Nivea (boots) £1.58

The shea lip butter from The Body Shop was gifted to me from the The Body Shop but I believe its around £4.00 in store.


The bubble gum lip scrub is great for making your lips soft and sweet in this cold weather, I scrub mine as needed or at least twice a week when I exfoliate my face, at night I apply the shea butter and during the day or before I apply my lipstick I use the nivea hydro care, the nivea hydro care has an SPF of 15 so it will always keep your lips protected.





Vitamin E Night Cream – The Body Shop – Gifted around £12.00

Sanctuary Spa Exfoliate – Boots £10.50

Midnight Recovery Concentrate – Kiehls £36.00


This exfoliator I’ve recently been using is new to my beauty basket but so far so good, I use it twice a week after cleansing my face and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and pores more refined. Each night I apply my keihls recovery oil and massage this into my skin to encourage blood flow to enhance my complexion I then apply the vitamin E night cream that The Body Shop kindly gifted me with…two infact! So I’m well stocked ;)


After just the first time using the keihls recovery concentrate my skin looked noticeably different the next morning! Its definitely worth the investment, or will make a great Christmas pressie for a loved one!




A friend of mine that sells clarins in her salon, was so sweet to gift me with a mini sample of the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator, this is a brightening toner that again you only need to use twice a week but it’s mess free if you don’t like the grainy exfoliators and it’s so quick and easy to use, no excuses! Exfoliate your dry skin and your complexion will stay glowing all winter! 


To indluge in some treatments at the salon or to get your hands on this clarins product visit the salons website:



Bath Sprinkles – The Body Shop – Gifted – around £7.00

Body Scrub – The Body Shop – Gifted – Around £13.00

Hugo Boss Body Lotion & Parfum set – The Fragrance Shop - £49.50

Dry Body Oil – The Body Shop – Gifted – Around £16.00

Elemis Frangipani Massage Oil – Gifted – full size £32.00


My beauty basket is over flowing with body and bath products it was hard to chose my favorites at the moment, however I managed to narrow it down…just about!


The Body shop Christmas special Glazed Apple Bath Sprinkles

These bath salts smell incredible; it’s like bathing in sweets! I usually like lavender scents in my bath but these smell so delicious I’ve made an exception.


The Body Shop Moringa body scrub

Just like my face I do a full body scrub twice a week maybe three in winter, I try to do my body, face and lips all on the same day, it makes life a lot easier and I know ill make time to do it if I’m doing them all on the same day.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Body Oil

This body oil adds a little sunshine into those wintery days along with a tan enhancing shimmer, and I’m sure the word oil makes you think sticky and greasy but I assure you it is quite the opposite…you’ll be having Christmas in the Bahamas in no time!


Hugo Boss Ma vie Body lotion.

This smells amazing! I recently bought the small sized perfume as a fancied a change from my normal collection and the body lotion came with it, it’s nice a light to wear for the day and the lotion leaves my skin feeling silky smooth


Elemis frangipani body oil

When working for Bannatyne’s health spa I qualified in my training with Elemis and over two years on this oil is still at the top of my favorites list from the Elemis body care products. This oil can be used on the hair, nails and body and provides moisture for dry, parched or mature skin. The smell of this oil is so exotic and lovely it totally unwinds you, I even place some into my candle burner when I really need to unwind. On its 3for2 on Elemis products and the entire Frangipani indulge set is only £36.00 make a perfect gift to yourself or loved one this Christmas


I hope this helps you fight against those winter troubles or even solve some gift issues! Keep an eye out on the blog for upcoming posts of christmas recipes, blogs and future shoots.


P x 

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