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October 27, 2014


So I’ve been busy lately completing my first unit of my second year at university and I was so happy with the outcome. I am so lucky that my very supportive boyfriend agreed to model for me and what a great job he done! Huge brownie points to him!


The body painting took around four hours and there were times when I thought it just wasn’t going to come together but once the final touches were done I couldn’t have been happier! Using a male model adds so much strength to this design and I can’t wait for the final pictures to come through.



I love working in the studio and with photographers, it’s always great to get their opinion as they work with so many different artist and see so many creative things in their career.


Seeing your design down the camera lens compared to the naked eye makes all the difference and seeing the final image of your work makes the whole process so enjoyable and worth while.



My boyfriend was a natural in front of the camera and made the final shoot exactly what I was aiming for.


For the body painting I used Kryolan aqua body paints and paradise body paints which smell like coconut!...divine! I used fullers earth to create the textured base and airbrushed over with a silver Air mist paint, for the finishing touches I used silver leaf around the edges and dusted it off with a silver kryolan silver glitter.


For the hair I first styled it with gel and styling lotion then applied fullers earth to the hair and combed it through finishing it off with the same silver glitter I applied to the body.



I’m so happy with the results and will share the final images with you when they come through! I hope you love this as much as I do!



So other than my Uni project I was also on a shoot at Claridges in London today, now it’s still early days for this companies project so I cant reveal an awful lot just yet! But I can share some of the great parts of the day with you and my behind the scene snaps for now!


First of all, least admire the tea supplies that were laid out for us, after travelling to London and battling the rush hour traffic, I couldn’t have been more thankful for a cup of tea and a cookie!



Next to catch my eye was the stunning ballroom and incredible balloons from Bubblegum Balloons... I had plans to fly home via balloon ride later that afternoon! Any special event coming your way I would strongly reccommend you throw a Bubblegum balloon into the mix!


Claridges London -

@bubblegumballoons - Instagram


The girls on the shoot were absolute superstars and we had so much fun creating hairstyles for the shoot, we decided on pretty bows and waterfall braids…of course!




And I got to catch up with a lovely lady I’ve known for 9 years, we never thought back when I was thirteen years old that we’d one day be working together! And what an honor it was, having so much fun…even if I didn’t quite make it away with the balloons!!



I’ll keep you up to date with my next events!


Lots of love


P x

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