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October 17, 2014


I’ve been a little absent in the blogosphere lately & I apologize! However I’ve been super busy with lots to tell!


I recently started my second year of university and it’s started with a bang! My first project has been influenced by commedia dell’ arte, for those not so familiar with commedia dell’ arte I will give you a quick history lesson ;) it’s Italian, over the top, theatrical and fabulous. Commedia dell’ arte was long lived in theatres from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. One of my favorite characters is arlecchino and I have based my final look on this character, he was the most famous. He was an acrobat and a wit, childlike and amorous. He wore a cat–like mask and motley colored clothes and carried a bat or wooden sword.




I’ve developed my designs from arlecchinos costume patterns and used the cracked porcelain effect to represent his clumsy side. I’ve used the silver airbrushing and cracked fullers earth to give it a slightly more edgy fashion look. I’m also making a steel collar which you’ll see in my final shoot, the collar gives it a real cynical feeling.






Aside from university I recently worked on a photoshoot for a local salon ‘Emma Hellier hair and body retreat bexhill’




Emma Hellier held this photo shoot to update their salon images and run their campaign/competition for the salon. Now I’m still waiting for the final finished images but I have a few behind the scene shots for you!




Look at that hair!! On gemma I created a flawless base and natural eye, I went for a bold pinky red lipstick to create the clashed smudged lip look Emma was after, the lipstick I used was L’oreal Paris color riche exclusive reds : Julianne’s Red. A lipstick I had being dying to use on a shoot and I was not disappointed! It’s nourishing, soft and the colour is just stunning! I picked this up from Boots for £6.99, it’s 3for2 on selected L’Oreal products at the moment too! There are so many other gorgeous shades that I will definitely be investing in!


To create gemmas base I use mac face and body foundation in C6 and highlighted the areas with shu uemura foundation. Using my make up international contour pallet I enhanced Gemmas cheekbones and face shape.


I then dusted over the eyes with mac eye shadow – shroom, to set the concealer and give natural matte finish.


Now if you didn’t have hair envy before you will over Ambers gorgeous Ombre locks! I had serious hair envy all day long and even considered dying my hair lilac! It was a day full of colour it was hard not to get sucked in!



Now Amber made my job easy, her gorgeous youthful skin was not hard to enhance, with a touch of Dior Hydra life close up moisturizer (Available at for £54.00) and a base of Dior Star Fluid Foundation (Available at for £32.00). This foundation is just beautiful and creates such a lovely glow to the skin but not too much glow for the camera, it picked up light in all the right places.



Now for the part that you can get involved and too look a million dollars! Emma Hellier salon are running a competition ‘#ILOVEEHSALON’ & all you need to do is pop yourself along to the salon for a pamper and take as many selfie’s as you like! Uplaod them to facebook, instagram or twitter…or all three with ‘#ILOVEEHSALON’ and you reason why you love Emma Hellier Hair and Beauty Retreat. Maybe it’s the gorgeous cakes you get with your tea and coffee, the lovely hand lotion in their cute seaside themed loo, the warm welcome from the girls, the magic their finger tips work on your hair or that gorgeous tree wall that greets you as you come in (I’m a huge fan of the tree wall… & the cake :D alongside Jody’s blow drying magic)



What’s the prize I can hear you screaming! Well… after pampering yourself, having some free cake & uploading your selfies, you could win yourself the NEW Ghd curve! All for having a little me time!!


So get booking get pampered & get fabulous.


Contact Emma Hellier Salon on: 01424 221544


And be sure to upload your selfies and tag us along with #ILOVEEHSALON and your reason why.


Enter as many times as you wish the winner will be announced December 1st!!

@ehsalon - Instagram

@EHSalon – Twitter

@MUAPAIGER – Twitter



That’s it for today but I’ve got lots more fun events lined up, including the Body Shop event, a London photo shoot and M.A.C Master classes!


Stay Fab x <3


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