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September 3, 2014

Here it is, a zero make up post for a natural glowing finish...


Now even though I'm a make up artist, I must admit... when given the chance I go bare faced, I love to let my skin breath especially when I'm at university as I'm constantly having different products and make up going on my skin, it's nice to give it a break! 


Which leads me on to my main and most crucial part of advice for any of you looking for a natural glow from your make up... It starts from whats beneath your make up! I have lots of friends and clients asking me how to get a bright complexion, what foundation to use, how to cover their bags and I have the same advice for you all... a skin care routine, water and you might like this one....SLEEP!! 


I'll start with the two most simplest of rules, water and sleep. 


WATER: I'm sure you are all aware how important it is to drink water but I wonder how many of you actually drink the amount your body needs, its not just our skin that needs hydration its our organs, our bodies and our minds, I'm sure that just like myself a few years ago you search high and low for the most hydrating and best selling moisturiser you can get your hands on to hydrate you desperatley dry skin in the want of a glowing complexion. So this rule is easy...your skin is your body's largest organ, drink around 2 litres a day...it's easier than you may think and you skin cells will soon become more healthy and plump.


SLEEP: In your night time sleep cycle your body releases a growth hormone, the secretion of this hormone helps to repair and rebuild body tissues like your muscles and your bones, this being when we feel unwell we sleep it off as our bodies repair during sleep. Many of the bodies, tissues show increased cell production and breakdowns of proteins during a deep sleep, proteins are a key part of cell growth and for the repair of damage done to our bodies from stress (yes regretting you didn't buy those shoes in the sale counts) and ultaviolet rays (the maldives sound great but it has a lasting effect). So the saying get some 'beauty sleep' is more true than you may have thought. 





SKIN CARE REGIME: Now as a fully qualified and experienced beauty therapist I'm clued up on a good skin care regime and could pass advice on to you all, however we are all different and all fighting different battles with our skin, some issues you can blame your parents for as a lot of your skin condition comes from them! But I'm here to help and although you may blame mum now for your oily t-zone and rosey cheeks, you'll be thanking her later for your long nail beds and thick hair! However the main person to be held responsible for a lack of control is you my sweet!! 




Growing up I suffered terribly with eczema but with some sun, sea salt and a prescription cream it cleared up, yes I was one of the lucky one that grew out of it but it did leave me scarred, so I've never hidden away from a good moisturiser! 


Now, finding your personal skin regime can be tricky and it's all trial and error when it comes to finding a brand you like, some counter brands such as Elemis, Clinique, Clarins and Elizabeth arden can be pricey...(but so are shoes and we all know from experience how painful cheap shoes can be sometimes!) however don't go breaking the bank just yet, like always there are some great bargains in life and high street brands can be just as good on your skin providing they work for you! Shop around and once you've found a brand you like stick to it, get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to carry out your routine and get ready for bed 10 minutes earlier that night, its 20 minutes of your day... (scrolling for five minutes through your facebook feed of pinterest pages or twitter feeds four times in a day equals to the same amount spent looking after your skin!!) Your routine won't make changes over night and you do need to stick it out to see the result, try taking  a before and after photo, take one at the start of the month and one at the end and look for the results. 


Now finding a brand can be easy if you know what you're looking for, and after my routine being drilled into me whilst qualifying this is my personal routine twice a day...



Cleanse: x2 the first cleanse will remove any dirt, the second cleanse will penetrate you skin with the active ingredients it needs. Concentrate on the areas that you may wear more make up or have problem areas. (use warm water)


Tone: The cold spritz or patt of a toner will close those open pours and stop any toxins from the outside world getting in, try to avoid using anything with alcohol in this will just take out your natural skin oil called 'sebum' stripping your skin of its natural oils will cause it to panic and overproduce the oils, creating a vicious circle and a stressed you! If you do suffer from oily skin or acne use something that is antibacterial such as Witch hazel or tea tree. 


Moisturise: I use a light gel form moisturiser from clinique which leaves my skin feeling so soft, it's important that your moisturiser has a high factor of SPF as if you decide not to wear make up with an SPF that day your skin is protected always, especially in winter! And even if you suffer from oily skin, moisturiser is not going to give you spots, use a lightweight oil free mosituriser, something similar to my gel.


Prep + Prime: Once i've finsihed my regime I pop some maybelleine anti fatigue rose tinted primer on to reduce any redness in my complexion (it smells like strawberry milkshake...totally worth it) and I then use a more minimising primer from maybelliene which has a moose like feel to it and leaves the skin with a matte airbrushed finish once you've applied your  base over the top. 


I repeat this regime at night again but I also apply a vitamin E serum under my Elemis marine night cream moisturiser to help my skin along whilst I sleep. 


Exfoliate: Twice a week or when ever I feel needed I exfoliate my skin, if you suffer from dry flakey skin, exfoliating is a great way to leave your skin silky smooth for a perfect base for you foundation to sit on. Exfoliating doesn't just leave your skin baby soft though, it removes dirt from your clogged pours. Clogged pours can cause blemishes on your skin. If you suffer from acne look for an exfoliating that contains glycolic, salicylic known as AHA acids  these a fruit extract acids and you can get them with a small amount in on the high street or by medical approval, clinics also use a much stronger version of this is chemical peels and weaker skin peels which i am familiar with, these acids act as little pacmen and eat away at the top layer of the skin leaving you with a much fresher complexion with long lasting results, if however you are sensitive and your skin can become sore easily, mix your exfoliator with a tiny bit of your cleansing lotion to make it softer on your skin. 



That is my skin care advice to all of you, I could write and write for hours however these are the basics, if you have any questions or want any product recommendations please contact me! I am more than happy to help. 


Paige x 





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